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At Sequoia Grove, we craft a wide range of elegant and approachable wines that are balanced and food-friendly. You can confidently select any of our wines and build a great wine and food pairing around it. With a few of our simple pairing tips, you’ll be on your way to a truly memorable experience.

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Wines That Pair With More Than You Expect

There used to be an easy mantra for food and wine pairing: white wine with white meat, red wine with red meat. But we have always found that perspective far too limiting. Instead, we prefer to focus on how simple flavors and ingredients are better indicators of a great combination.

Start with the Wine

We understand that wine and food pairing can sometimes feel intimidating. That’s why at Sequoia Grove, we have always been committed to crafting wines that are balanced and adapt to a variety of dishes. Our goal is to help you feel confident to explore and experiment with the widest selection of culinary sensations possible by starting with a versatile bottle of wine.

Tips for Pairing

Learn By Doing

The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Reds

Chef Britny has used her culinary expertise to demystify pairing and personally curated a list of unique recipes that will bring a whole new perspective to pairing your favorite bold reds. The recipes are ready and waiting! Sign-up below to receive an email with Chef Britny’s recipes and tips on how to create the perfect pairs delivered directly to your inbox.