Meet Desiree Jones, our Wine Club Manager. Desiree started at Sequoia Grove Winery in November of 2019 as our wine club coordinator and, nearly four years to the date, took on the new role as our wine club manager. Over the years, she has developed deep connections and relationships with our members, who truly are like family here.

Learn more about Desiree and her passion for the wine industry!


We sat down with Desiree and asked her to share a brief overview of her background and how she entered the world of wine, what led her here to Sequoia Grove, what sparked her interest in wine, and how that passion has evolved over the years, and to share some unique aspects of our wine club.

“I guess you could say wine has somehow always been a part of my life. Though growing up in the Napa Valley let alone on Mayacamas vineyards, you don’t notice it till later in life. I have always had a fond spot for Sequoia Grove. I grew up coming here and later had a birthday tasting. My friends and I still talk about Mr. Biggles with his big head sitting on the table that day. It all started with wine and cheese get togethers in my dorm room. It was such a fun way to bring people together and built amazing connections. It created friendships I have to this day. I love the Recipes which is included with each wine club shipment. I really enjoy taking the recipe home myself and trying out the pairing! “

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Q&A with Desiree

Q: Do you have a favorite wine varietal or blend, and what do you love about it?
A: Zinfandel is the grape varietal that first opened my eyes to wine. The vineyard still exists with most of the vines from the original planting on Mt. Veeder just north of Sequoia Groves’ new vineyard! Now though my go to varietal is Cabernet Franc and you cannot go wrong with a Bordeaux blend!

Q: Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had while working with Sequoia Grove and its Wine Club members?
A: I recently was exchanging emails with a very long-time member, and I was have such a wonderful time chatting about Sequoia Grove over the years. Though I have only worked here for 4 years, I have been visiting for decades!

Q: What are some of the challenges you face as a Wine Club Manager, and what makes the role particularly rewarding for you?
A: In a world where wine options are as abundant as the grapes in our vineyards, standing out can be a challenge. I’m constantly exploring ways to make our offerings unique, ensuring that each bottle tells a story that resonates with you.

Q: How do you build and maintain strong connections with the Wine Club members?
A: Communication is the cornerstone of any strong relationship. I will keep you informed and engaged through regular newsletters, emails, and social media updates. These channels not only share exciting news from the vineyard but also serve as an open invitation for you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences.

Q: Describe your favorite wine and food pairing.
A: Give me buttered popcorn and a Cabernet franc and I am happy!

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to explore the world of wine?
A: Try everything once and don’t judge a wine by its label. Go out and find local blind tasting or host one with friends.

Q: How does Sequoia Grove engage with the local community, and how does the Wine Club contribute to this?
A: Growing up among the redwood trees on Mt. Veeder is why I love how Sequoia Grove supports the Save the Redwoods League. The wineries commitment to helping protect and restore redwood forests I called my childhood home.

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