Unveiling Extraordinary Tasting Experiences at Sequoia Grove Winery!

Sequoia Grove Winery is thrilled to introduce an array of captivating tasting experiences that are sure to delight wine enthusiasts and newcomers alike. New to our experience portfolio, we’re proud to present “A Taste of Sequoia Grove,” “Wines + Bites,” and “Cambium Vertical” tastings, each offering a unique journey into the world of exceptional wines and culinary delights. But that’s not all – we’ll also take a moment to celebrate the continued success of “A Taste for Cabernet” and how we keep our menus in tune with the seasons.

A Taste of Sequoia Grove: An Immersive Adventure

Step into a world of sensory delight with A TASTE OF SEQUOIA GROVE. This tasting experience is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to our winery’s diverse portfolio. Guests will have the opportunity to savor a curated selection of our finest wines, guided by our knowledgeable wine educators. From crisp Chardonnays to velvety Cabernets, each sip tells a story of our dedication to crafting wines that embody the essence of Napa Valley. Whether you’re a wine novice or a connoisseur, A TASTE OF SEQUOIA GROVE promises an unforgettable journey through our vineyards’ history and terroir.

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Wines + Bites: Elevating Palates, Elevating Moments

At Sequoia Grove, we believe that wine is best enjoyed alongside culinary delights that complement and enhance its flavors. With WINES + BITES, we’ve taken the art of wine pairing to a new level. Immerse yourself in a harmonious symphony of tastes as you explore carefully curated wine and food pairings. Ranging from paintings of artisanal cheeses to delectable small bites, each morsel is thoughtfully chosen to enhance the tasting experience and create unforgettable memories.

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Cambium Vertical: A Journey Through Time and Terroir

For the true wine aficionado, CAMBIUM VERTICAL offers an extraordinary exploration of our esteemed Cambium blend across multiple vintages. Uncover the nuances of each vintage as you journey through time, guided by our experts. Discover how the interplay of weather, soil, and winemaking techniques come together to create an exceptional wine that evolves with the passing years. This vertical tasting is a testament to our commitment to producing wines that age gracefully and continue to amaze.

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A Taste for Cabernet: Seasonal Menus for an Ever-Changing Palate

As the seasons change, so do our menus for A TASTE FOR CABERNET. Our culinary team takes inspiration from the bounties of each season, crafting dishes that perfectly complement the characteristics of our Cabernet wines. From hearty fare in the colder months to light and fresh options in the warmer seasons, every visit to A TASTE FOR CABERNET is a unique experience. This commitment to evolving menus ensures that your palate is continually surprised and delighted, making each visit a new adventure.

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We caught up with Winemaker, Jesse Fox, and Winery Chef, Britny Maureze to get the inside scoop on all things happening at Sequoia Grove.


Sequoia Grove Winery’s dedication to providing EXCEPTIONAL TASTING EXPERIENCES is evident in our diverse offerings. From the immersive journey of A Taste of Sequoia Grove to the artful pairings of Wines + Bites and the time-traveling adventure of Cambium Vertical, every experience is crafted with passion and expertise. And as we raise a glass to the continued success of A Taste for Cabernet, we invite you to join us in celebrating the marriage of fine wines and seasonal culinary delights. Cheers to unforgettable moments at Sequoia Grove Winery!